Yellow Camel

We promote Saudi as a global production hub in Film, Television & Beyond, through lending tax credit and facilitating productions in addition to our VIP meet & greet services.

/ Value Proposition

The company’s mission is to showcase Saudi Arabia and make it globally recognized for film & TV production; and become renowned as the go-to company for international production and excellence in the film making/ entertainment and production industry.

The company’s value proposition is not limited to the extensive experience in the film making industry, but the first-of-its-kind rebate services. They have positioned themselves to be the only company offering rebate services supported by the government here in Saudi Arabia. Lending facilities, production services, concierge services, production, as well as logistics for the the film production line are among the services offered.

Yellow Camel offers 40% rebate from the government for the rebate services – it is the only company of its kind offering this unique service in Saudi Arabia.

What’s more, is the company has experts in the production and entertainment industry and serve as its Executive Leaders.

Yellow Camel's

Yellow Camel's

Rebate Lending Facility

Production Logistics & Facilities

VIP Meet & Greet